Freeing David McCallum: The Last Miracle of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

Freeing David Cover photo

Freeing David McCallum Press Release-4

This coming October, a new book with the above title will be released by Chicago Review Press (Lawrence Hill Division). This book is a behind-the-scenes look at overturning a wrongful conviction, specifically the 1985 convictions of David McCallum and the late Willie Stuckey of Brooklyn, New York. I am proud to be the author of this book but, like everything else in this remarkable case, the book is the result of the efforts of many people, not the least of whom is David himself. His letters and words provide much of the background and commentary.

The book also details the gathering together of the forces that made McCallum’s miraculous release possible. The notion of a legal miracle was conceived by the late Rubin “Hurricane” Carter who, borrowing from G.G. Gurdjieff, believed that the definition of a miracle is when “higher forces operate on a lower level”. There is no question in my mind that the successful conclusion of this case was miraculous in that sense; I think the book makes a good case in proving that thesis.

The initial launch of the book will take place on October 12th at Greenlight Bookstore in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, the same place where Carter launched “Eye of the Hurricane”. Other New York launches are planned for law schools in Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey, and a library in Scarsdale. Professor Steve Drizin of the renowned Bluhm Legal Clinic is hosting a launch at Northwestern University and a bookstore in Chicago (57th Street Books). In Toronto, the launch will be held at A Different Booklist in its new digs on Bathurst Street. The Vancouver launch will be held at Post 750, next door to the CBC building. David will be accompanying me on this tour, no doubt the focus of attention, deservedly so.