Sandy Hook, Connecticut, Do the Math

Oh you commentators, you psychologists, you penal experts, media mavens, all of you who try to search out the why, the why twenty children were savagely murdered, the why America is the spawning ground, though by no means the only ground, for acts such as these; all of you, all of us, do the math:

Millions of mentally ill people + a media culture of hurt and violence + militarism + three hundred million guns in circulation = inevitable catastrophe. It happens at random in any state because the law of averages dictates that this nightmarish equation will be lived and relived.

But no, some say, let’s not take away rights, second amendment rights that protect access to an object that symbolizes violence and conquest, that gives a hurt and damaged individual a way to express that hurt by destroying lives that have yet to find their way in the world. These shootings are an act of revenge, an attack on the healthy by the sick. “Guns don’t kill”, they say, “People do”. NO! People with guns kill. Do the math.