For those of you have read my previous blog postings will know that I have never voted before. Tuesday was my first time voting and I have to say that it turned into an absolute nightmare. Like many Americans not named Donald Trump supporters are waking up this morning feeling like they have been hit over the head with a sledgehammer. I must admit that I was not shocked but surprised by the results given the way a certain population of the country had reacted to the presidency of Barak Obama. Many political pundits and cable networks have tried to couch this election under the premise that people in America are angry and dissatisfied with that is going on Washington. I’m tired of hearing that same old argument. I don’t believe that premise at all, particularly when it comes to this guy. I will not give this guy the benefit of the doubt. The phrase “benefit of the doubt”  is earned, not giving to. I believe many people voting for Trump saw a long awaited opportunity to reignite some old terrible scars that prevented this country from growing into a nation that could disagree with one another, but one that could also respect one another. Let me be clear in what I’m referring to. Unless I totally misread the entire election, I believe the sixties are back in play in this country as a result of this election. I also believe Jim Crow will be will be back in play as well, although some would argue that Jim Crow never really went away, and that it just been laying dormant. While many Americans are probably still in shock, angry, disappointed, and frustrated to day, I think there is a glimmer of hope down the road, meaning that we must really start to mobilize and turn our attention to the mid term elections in 2018, and even get more involved on a local level.

As a Bernie Sanders supporter I believe Senator Sanders stood a much better chance of defeating Trump. I’m not speaking in hindsight here because I believed from the time I saw Senator Sanders turn out huge crowds of supporters, particularly young people who appeared to be energized and was ready to give democracy another chance, despite the broken promises made by President Obama. If nothing else, this election reminded those who believe that we are in a post-racial times are just plain folly. I’m not exactly optimistic about the next four years. What should alarm some Americans, aside from Trump himself (although one could argue that he alone should be more than enough to be concerned about) is the potential names being mentioned for his administration, is even more scarier. When  you consider the names Rudolph Guliani, as the next possible Attorney General or New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who I’m sure will play a prominent role in the Trump administration, if he wants it, there is no doubt  in my mind that America is in for a rude awakening. Given his troubles governing, he may want out of New Jersey politics before the hammer come down on him. Some of us in New York know all too well who this Guliani guy is and what he presents, and what he is capable of, particularly people of color and his heavy handed criminal justice policies. Some political pundits as early as yesterday morning were predicting that Trump would tone down his campaign rhetoric and not act on most of what he was spewing during his campaign. While that may be true for some, I don’t believe that only because there is a huge population of people who will demand that he deliver on those promises. Of course, he will try and sound presidential in public, but it’s the back door deals that should concern the American people. This will be a classic action speaks louder the words moment. In my opinion, some of the Trump supporters are expecting a return to white nationalism, white privilege, and the ku klux klan. I think we got a glimpse of the latter during the Republican primary. These groups will become embolden and more visible now that they have the most powerful source in the world as its number one ally.

I will be the first to mention that I benefited immensely from mainstream media. I also understand that mainstream media can be a blessing or a curse. For me, however, mainstream media turned out to be a blessing because it brought needed attention to my terrible plight of being in prison for a crime that I did not commit. For someone like Trump, who benefited from non-stop mainstream media coverage the minute he was shown coming down the escalator at Trump Tower, the mainstream media proved to be a perfect ally to launch his campaign in a way that was new to the political landscape of the United States. I find it funny that mainstream media is now upset because of the widespread criticisms it is receiving for basically helping this man become the next president of the United States. The truth is, however lost this election was going to blame someone or something. Trump had already laid the foundation for his excuse when it started crowing about the system being rigged. Hillary could blame the mainstream media. In the end, the mainstream media picks and chooses who and what to cover. They chose to get in bed with Trump. The mainstream media chose Trump/ratings over voice/fairness. It all added up to a Trump triumph. I will not give the media a free pass no matter how they try and spin their contribution to the election. I recall members of the mainstream media sounding giddy and laughing at the mention of Trump, not including the outrageous things he said.

Those of us who care about our national security should be concerned. Can we safely say that as a country we can believe that Trump will find it within himself to refrain from causing more harm than good in terms of alienating our allies, upsetting factions, and neutralizing allies who are committed to easing tensions in the world? I say no because he has not giving me a reason to think otherwise. While I think that I have some idea of what is happening in the middle east, I will now turn my full attention to North Korea – our next war opponent. With a seemingly reckless hothead in Trump, in addition to a seemingly provocative president in Kim Jong-un, I’m betting that his days in power are numbered because he will become a target of Trump, aside from the middle east, of course. With Jong-un, I’m not exactly going out on the limb with my prediction because this is the ideal opponent in which to make a global statement – something that President Obama was reluctant to do, or was advise not to do. To my friends in Canada, can you really say that you went to bed after the election results feeling good about your partnership with the United States both financially and militarily? Who is to say that Trump won’t complain about your borders if you guys don’t comply with his wishes. Who is to say that Trump won’t complain that Canada needs to do more in combating terrorism or that Canada needs to be more pro-active and forceful in world events.

New York City is known for many things from its diversity of people, to its tall buildings, to its unique skyline, despite the falling twin towers, to its financial district, and to its crowded subway transportation, this morning was the quietest subway ride I have witnessed. No doubt there are many happy people today, but my train ride to work reminded me that there are many sad people who looked scared, dazed and confused about what happened on Tuesday. I believe fascism will rear its ugly head in America again and it was evident throughout this campaign, and to think that Americans, at least those of us who believe in democracy can feel good about this country for the next fours years, will be a challenge of a lifetime. God bless America for we will need every blessing that comes our way.

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