David McCallum meets Atif Rafay

In conjunction with a Vancouver showing of David & Me on Sunday September 6th, I accompanied David McCallum to Washington State Reformatory in Monroe on the 5th. This was also David’s first visit to the Pacific Northwest, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

The meeting with Atif, which David will write about in a subsequent blog entry, felt historic to those of us involved in these two Rubin Carter cases. David was released on October 15th 2014, so Atif saw him as proof that innocence and truth can eventually triumph over bureaucratic intransigence and falsehood. Make no mistake, both incarcerations were and are falsehoods sustained by a refusal to deal with fact and the impunity of those who use the law to hide from the obvious truth.

Gary Dolin, the clinical social worker who has been an integral part of both cases, accompanied both of us. Suffice to say that the meeting provided sustenance and hope for Atif.

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I am a former Toronto teacher and writer now living in Vancouver. I work with Dr. Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, with whom I published Eye of the Hurricane: My path from Darkness to Freedom (Chicago review Press, 2011), as Director of Media Relations and as an advocate for wrongly convicted prisoners. Other publication credits include Songs of Aging Children (Arsenal Pulp Press, 1992) a book of short stories about troubled youth, and Taking Steam, a play co-authored with the late Brian Shein, staged at New York's Jewish Repertory Theatre and Toronto in 1983. Life Without (Quattro Books, 2012) is a novella about a New York cab driver wrongly convicted of killing his pregnant wife. Gary Geddes (Lt. Governor's Award for Literary Excellence) described it as "one of the most brilliant and harrowing short novels I've read since I went on a John Hawkes binge."

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